“Welcome summer!! Whose little city deck is already loaded with red tomatoes? It’s good to be organic. Spray-N-Grow is the secret!”

Marie Ludwig
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

“Many of my green beans are 7-8 inches and the flavor is fantastic. I mix Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer and am well pleased with the success.”

Ray Sullins
La Porte, Texas

“A canner’s dream -- big baskets of red and gold plum tomatoes. Spray-N-Grow doubles my harvest.”

Ruth Sparks
Kansas City, Missouri

“First time to use the Perfect Blend Kit Large. I love it! Works great on my tomatoes and tuberose.”

Bobby Amos
Russellville, Alabama

“My first year using the Perfect Blend was the best garden I ever had. The beets are a mix of Golden, heirloom striped and Detroit.”

Dawn Hohl-Nowlin
Amissville, Virginia

“After a HUGE summer harvest, I STILL was able to get this the day we ‘closed up” the garden. No doubt it was the Spray-N-Grow.”

Anne Maas
Erie, Pennsylvania

“Thanks to Spray-N-Grow. What a difference Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer make in my garden.”

Dave Bingaman
Burnt Cabins, Pennsylvania

“I always use Spray-N-Grow and this year, despite adverse weather, this is the best crop I have ever had. Everyone oohs and aahs at the size.”

Arnold Deichl
Billings, Montana

“I’ve been using Spray-N-Grow for years. This year I tried Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer and Spray-N-Grow once a week, WOW what a difference.”

Barbara Buster
Muscatine, Iowa

“With your products, Spray-N-Grow, Coco Wet and a little of Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer, I grew this great broccoli that tasted better than we have ever had.”

Hyla Hoover
Tampa, Florida

"My wife and I have been using Spray-N-Grow for at least 10 years. Your product is the best, we have an abundant yield year after year."

Madeline & Dave Tocci
Harleysville, Pennsylvania 

"The potato plant was a volunteer left behind from last season. Fed along with the rest of the garden with Spray-N-Grow, it grew over 3 feet tall and produced a basket full of spuds!"

Helen Karsnak
Canfield, Ohio

“My zucchini was twice as big as my neighbors and from the same seed and are the same age. Thanks Spray-N-Grow.”

Gary Western
Lubbock, Texas

“I have been using Spray-N-Grow for about 25 years. I planted 100 cabbage and they all survived and cabbages averaged 36 lbs. each!"

Joseph Osterbauer
Forest Lake, Michigan

“Take a look at our Spray-N-Grow results. We had 7’ plants with tomatoes all the way to the top.”

Erwin Walter
Cresco, Iowa

"I grew carrots that were supposed to be petite but were huge. My first year using Spray-N-Grow products was the best garden I ever had."

Dawn Hohl-Nowlin
Amissville, Virginia

"We used Spray-N-Grow, and even with a terrible drought, we got amazing veggies. We got hundreds of tomatoes, okra, zucchini, bell peppers, jalapeños and the most enormous cayenne."

Guy Riley
Kingsville, Texas

“The onions on the left were not sprayed with Spray-N-Grow.  The ones on the right were. Thanks for a product that delivers.”

Paul Lisenby
Seal Beach, California 

"I've used Spray-N-Grow for many years and yet each year I am flabbergasted at the results!"

Bonnie Richardson
Lynchburg, Virginia

"The real secret to gardening success is Spray-N-Grow and Bill's Perfect Fertilizer. Thank you for such great products."

Donnie Tenney
Buckhannon, West Virginia

“We use the Perfect Blend for everything in our garden. Love, love, love your products and would not use anything else.”

Cherie & Steve Mansberger Lewisberry, Pennsylvania