"I have been using the Perfect Blend Kit the past few years and I can't believe the difference it has made! Thanks for helping me make the most of our too short growing season."

Tamela Steindorf
Kenai, Alaska 

“I have been using Spray-N-Grow products for ten years. All of my plants are amazing. I’ve tried other products but nothing delivered the same results.”

Heather Wedo
Alpha, New Jersey

“This rhododendron was a very small plant 15 years ago. Through the years, Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer were used on it.”

Bob Treiber
St. Louis, Missouri

"These incredible pink roses were grown with Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer. There are so many large blooms!" 

Carl and Donna Nelson
Laguna Niguel, California

“My flowers are always gorgeous and we also have wonderful results in our garden. Couldn’t be without Spray-N-Grow!”

Bobbye Oliver
Hernando, Mississippi

"I love gardening and love to order from your catalog."

Lorraine Strzeszewski
Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania 

“Look at my mandevilla vines that were sprayed with Spray-N-Grow. Gardening is my hobby and I couldn’t do it without Spray-N-Grow!”

Sara Mize
Griffin, Georgia

"I can truly say Spray-N-Grow made the difference in my garden."

Kathleen Manganaro
New Kensington, Pennsylvania 

“What the Perfect Blend does for my plants is miraculous. My flowers bloom earlier, are much healthier and flourish all summer.”

John Rogalski
Salem, Massachusetts

"Gardening is my joy. Spray-N-Grow products help me take it to the next level, winning trophies at rose shows."

Evelyn Alemanni
Elfin Forest, California 

"I used Spray-N-Grow once month and my hostas are so big!"

Jeannette Lamy 
Manchester, New Hampshire

“First time using Spray-N-Grow. With results like this, I’m a customer for life.”

Tom Hunt
Newport, Kentucky                                                     

“This is my hibiscus that I used Spray-N-Grow on. It had more than 35 flowers. This was my first year using the product."

Lois Mertens
Bonnots Mill, Missouri

“I’ve been faithfully using Spray-N-Grow on all my plants this year. The results are amazing!”

Sandy Winstead
Comins, Michigan

"This is my first year to use your products and this hydrangea just keeps getting bigger and bigger blooms."

Rosemary Wall
Pensacola, Florida

“I am very pleased with the results from Spray-N-Grow on both vegetables and flowers. My alliums, were sprayed only twice with Spray-N-Grow.”

Bill Wilms
Racine, Wisconsin

“These are some of my Spray-N-Grow flowers. Love Spray-N-Grow! Have used it for years and couldn’t do without it.”

Louise Hemphill
Burlington, Iowa

“My clematis started as 4-6” wimpy, single stem starts. I attribute all their beauty to Spray-N-Grow.”

Candace Siebenmorgen
Hiawatha, Kansas

“Hydrangeas are such a joy to grow. Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer are my ‘Go-To’ guarantee of amazing blooms.  I'm so happy with the results.”

Judith Rector
Newport, Rhode Island

"My lilies grow so lush and full using Spray-N-Grow just twice."

Peggy Slemp
Woodinville, Washington

“I spray my plants weekly with the Perfect Blend with superb results - healthy plants and beautiful blooms.”

Dr. Robert O. Stanton
Plainview, New York