“After a couple of lackluster years, using conventional ground fertilizers, I applied Bill's Perfect, Spray-N-Grow and Coco-Wet. We have hundreds of fruit on the tree.”

Dr. Dan Dale
Silver Hills, Alabama

“My strawberries were so good this year with Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer. Really sweet! Does wonders with my flowers too.”

Sharon Iwanicki
Lodi, New Jersey

"I sprayed my Damson plum tree with the Perfect Blend. The tree is producing so well, even though I thinned out the fruit the ripening plums are still too crowded."

Jack Kramer
Saint Charles, Illinois 

“My slicing cucumbers on the left were grown without Spray-N-Grow, the ones on the right were treated with Spray-N-Grow.”

Pete Ganske
Rhodes, Michigan

"My raspberries gave a bumper crop with weekly Spray-N-Grow!"

Darlene Shirk
Kutztown, Pennsylvania 

"We have been using Spray-N-Grow, Bill's Perfect Fertilizer and Coco Wet for years, and our garden has stayed healthy and lush."

Rebecca Nolin
West Palm Beach, Florida 

Thanks to your products, I am having a bumper crop this year!

Phyllis Janke
Needville, Texas

"My grandson is holding two grapefruits--the right is fin a tree that was sprayed with Spray-N-Grow. We could hardly believe the difference!"

Pete Jenkins
Lakeside, California 

Exclusive applications of Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer nourish my plants to vibrant health and dark green foliage"

Mary Mercer
Williston, Florida

“We grew 4 pumpkins over 1000 pounds this year. Something that has never been done in the south!! We used Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer this year as well as last year and we will never grow without it.” 

John Van Hook
Somerset, Kentucky

"One with Spray-N-Grow and the other one without. I have been using Spray-N-Grow for many years. This was the first time I used it on trees and as you can see, it made quite a difference."

Rosemary Flueckiger
Sun City, Arizona 

"Here is a 5lb. cantaloupe that Dottie is holding we where able to grow with the help of Spray-N-Grow."

Jerry McCabe
Longview, Washington

"I'm enjoying a bumper crop of my tangerines - many of them weighing in at 14 lbs! Spray-N-Grow deserves the credit. Thank you for a great product."

Myron Mann
Van Nuys, California

"Our gooseberry crop was unbelievable! Lots of huge berries. This is our third harvest of the season from just one bush!"

Dee Angwin
Corrales, New Mexico 

"This is our granddaughter holding our Spray-N-Grow strawberries. Again this year our berries were huge – of course we used Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer."

 Jim & Sharon
Paw Paw, Michigan

"My beautiful little nectarine tree loves Spray-N-Grow."

Clifton D. Sims
Carson, California

"I used Spray-N-Grow for the first time this year and I've never had this many jackfruit on my tree. The largest one was 12 lbs. Many thanks."

Duyen Liles
West Palm Beach, Florida

"These are a couple if bunches from the vine. Notice how large the fruit is and ripe all the way to the bottom."

Darrell & Mary Cavolt
Hemet, California 

"I used Spray-N-Grow on my plums for the first time and had great results. The plums looked like bunches of grapes."

Leslie Williamson
St Albans, Vermont 

"My W.P.C. World champion watermelon weighted 245 lbs. thanks to Spray-N-Grow.”

Waddell Estep
Donaldson, Arkansas

“I sprayed one of my avocado trees with Spray-N-Grow. The fruit was huge, one was 2 ½ lbs. The fruit from the unsprayed tree was very small.”

Jane Lovelace
Lynwood, California