Bill's Perfect Fertilizer
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer? 

Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer has a shelf life of about 2 to 3 years. If the Bills Perfect Fertilizer smells fishy it is still good. If it smells sour, we recommend throwing it away.

How long is the Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer good after mixed with water?

The Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer solution can be used up to a week after mixing.

What is the difference between Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer?

Spray-N-Grow is not a fertilizer. It is a micronutrient complex containing 17 different trace elements not in fertilizers. It is “like vitamins for your plants”. Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is a rich fertilizer full of organic matter including fish, seaweed, humus, sugar cane extract and more. All plants need fertilizer, this is the plants food.

Is the Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer enough fertilizer for my plants or do I need to use another fertilizer as well?

The only plants that may need more food are acid loving plants. Add sulfur to the soil to lower the pH of the soil. Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is the only fertilizer you will need; however, depending on your soil you may need to use it more often than other gardeners.

Can I use Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer at double strength?

Do not use the Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer at double strength.

Can I pick my fruit & vegetables the same day I spray?

Yes, there is nothing in Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer that is harmful. It is safe to use these products up to the day of harvest.

What time of year should I stop spraying the Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer?

The Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer you only want to apply when you are not in any scare of a freeze.

Does Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer need to be mixed with warm water?

No, the fertilizer does not need to be mixed with warm water.