Getting Started

10 Tips for Great Gardens  

Checklists can be so helpful, allowing a gardener to keep track without having to recall seemingly endless details. Here is our list of basics to review every now... (read article

Garden Season Extenders – Start Earlier and Grow Later

Nothing can kill your gardening fun like the end of the season. Days get shorter, and so do smiles. Yet there are ways to stretch your outdoor gardening for... (read article)

Howard Garrett’s View on Weeds

Howard Garrett is one of Spray-N-Grow’s favorite gardening authorities because of his common-sense approach to natural gardening. Garrett is a... (read article)

Set Yourself Up For Success!

For most of us, thoughts about this year’s garden immediately leap to “what exciting new varieties should I grow?”... (read article)

My Choice – The Natural Way, by Bill Muskopf

Over the past few years, I’ve become more convinced than ever that our food supply is contaminated by too many hormones, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides... (read article)

Three Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

The term “victory garden” has circulated in the United States since World War I, as Americans on the home front sought to supplement food supplies and... (read more)