Container Plants

“I decided to use Spray-N-Grow on one hanging plant, just to prove a point. The begonia on the left was treated with Spray-N-Grow. The begonia on the right was not.”

Betty Leverenz
Hamlin, New York

“I have been using Spray-N-Grow for 15 years and love it!”

Caesar Desiato
Executive Chef Feasterville
Trevose, Pennsylvania

"These mandevillas are five years old and bloom year-around in pots on my deck with help from Spray-N-Grow and Bill's Perfect Fertilizer.

Evelyn Alemani
Elfin Forest, California

“My orchid has more than 21 blooms. It is simply amazing! It was grown with Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer.”

Harry Cesar
Rockport, Texas

“I am a strong believer in both Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer. Have used them for many years.  Results are rewarding.”

Betty Leverenz
Hamlin, New York

"This is one geranium plant. It won the prize for most flowers on one plant. We used the Perfect Blend weekly."

Rose Stutzman
Leon, Iowa

"This African violet was a little sick plant. I started feeding it with The Perfect Blend and it had been a profuse bloomer."

Emelie Schlueter
Norman, Oklahoma 

"We absolutely love Spray-N-Grow and Bill's Perfect Fertilizer. Thanks for making our garden the most awesome experience for over 25 years!" 

Bonnie Klein
Sherman Oaks, California

"I am a first time user of your Perfect Blend. I can't say enough about how much of a difference it has made. Everything just exploded with growth and flowers. I am definitely sold for life on your products."

Victoria Hartnett
University City, Missouri

"We used The Perfect Blend for everything in our garden. No need for words when you look at our galvanized tub filled with radishes. Love your products and would not use anteing else."

Cherie Mansberger
Lewisberry, Pennsylvania