“I was somewhat dubious on how effective the Perfect Blend would be - the results are in this picture.”

Stan Preneta
Independence, Ohio

“Hydrangeas are such a joy to grow. Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer are my ‘Go-To’ guarantee of amazing blooms. I'm so happy with the results.”

Judith Rector
Newport, Rhode Island

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Cindy and Donald Downs Greentown, Indiana

“This photo shows wonderful results with Spray-N-Grow. My impatiens were three feet high.”

Cyndra Lewis
Bristol, Connecticut

“I tried your Spray-N-Grow product and, WOW, look what happens when applied to Fanfare, sun-loving petunias.” Jeff Miller Marietta, Georgia

“Coming from England, I always wanted a garden. With Spray-N-Grow, my garden has gone from ordinary to incredible. Thank you for the garden of my dreams.”

Shelia Baratta
Glendora, California

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Carol Zalatores
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina