“I am a strong believer in both Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer. Have used them for many years.  Results are rewarding.”

Betty Leverenz
Hamlin, New York

“I tried your Spray-N-Grow product and, WOW, look what happens when applied to Fanfare, sun-loving petunias.”

Jeff Miller
Marietta, Georgia

“I was somewhat dubious on how effective the Perfect Blend would be - the results are in this picture.”

Stan Preneta
Independence, Ohio

“Hydrangeas are such a joy to grow. Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer are my ‘Go-To’ guarantee of amazing blooms. I'm so happy with the results.”

Judith Rector
Newport, Rhode Island

“I couldn’t believe I had so many beautiful blooms so early. Thanks for Spray-N-Grow. It’s a wonderful, safe product.”

Cindy and Donald Downs Greentown, Indiana

“This photo shows wonderful results with Spray-N-Grow. My impatiens were three feet high.”

Cyndra Lewis
Bristol, Connecticut

“Coming from England, I always wanted a garden. With Spray-N-Grow, my garden has gone from ordinary to incredible. Thank you for the garden of my dreams.”

Shelia Baratta
Glendora, California

“We definitely have the best flowerbeds in the neighborhood. I’ll never be without my Spray-N-Grow.”

Carol Zalatores
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“Our flowers were sprayed with Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer. Thank you for such wonderful products.”

Larry and Barbara Buster
Muscatine, Iowa

"I love giving my flowers the Perfect Blend and watching the amazing results." 

Rose Stutzman 
Leon, Iowa

“I showered my plants with Spray-N-Grow, Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer and Coco Wet every week and they just love it.”

Ann Zack
Forked River, New Jersey

"I LOVE Spray-N-Grow! I use it on all my indoor and outdoor plants, flowering trees, and veggies. People always ask me what my "secret" is. Thank you for such a great product."

Mary Blatz
Marcellus, New York

“What the Perfect Blend does for my plants is miraculous. My flowers bloom earlier, are much healthier and flourish all summer.”

John Rogalski
Salem, Massachusetts

"When I spray Spray-N-Grow on my flowers, WOW! It's such a great product. I have the most beautiful flowers from the beginning of spring to fall." 

Phyllis Stuart
Golden, Colorado

"The end of summer is approaching but thanks to Spray-N-Grow my flowers are still going strong. I love Spray-N-Grow."

Candy Potter
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

"One of my favorites! Been using your products for years. My plants and I thank you for your "Good Stuff"!"

M. Schweibish
Long Island, New York

“I have used Spray-N-Grow for more than 20 years and I love it! I spray once a week and the results are great!”

Barb Tracey
Deltona, Florida

"Using the Perfect Blend once a week helped my flowerbed come back after a tornado hit just eight and half weeks earlier. If you want great results, this is your product." 

Anna Downing
Lakewood, Colorado

"I love your products, but obviously not as much as my flowers!"

Lisa Flood
Charlestown, Indiana

"I know the benefits that Spray-N-Grow offers everything I spray it on. The lush, dense flowers keep going all summer long."

Evelyn Alenanni 
Elfin, California

"It's truly the best plant fertilizer on the market, I use it every year on my flowers and I never get disappointed with the results!"

Anthony Mondesando
Fishkill, New York