Disease and Fungus Tips

10 Signs Your Plants Has Fungus

Fungi are primitive organisms that can't photosynthesize as green plants do. Instead, they must get their food from other organisms. Some fungi, like mushrooms, get nutrients from dead decomposing materials. Other... (read article)

Protect Your Roses from Black Spot Disease

Black Spot is a fungal disease that attacks roses in many parts of the United States, targeting young leaves and newer canes. Here are some tips to limit this problem in your rose garden... (read article)

Fighting Plant Diseases in the Garden

Simply put, strong, healthy plants are less susceptible to disease. To keep your plants healthy, one must take care of the basics first. It makes everything easier down the line... (read article)

Fungus Loves Water: A Bad Romance

During the summer months, we see a significant bump in the number of gardeners who call with concerns that their plants have fungus... (read article)