Frequently Asked
Product Questions

Copper Fungicide 

How long before rain or irrigation do I need to apply Liquid Copper? 

At least 12 hours is ideal.

How often do I reapply Liquid Copper?

7-10 days depending on the pressure of the disease.

Will Liquid Copper help with peach leaf curl and when do I apply?

Yes, Liquid Copper Fungicide will help prevent peach leaf curl.  It must be applied as a dormancy spray at 90% leaf fall and before bud break in the spring.

Will Copper Fungicide prevent tomato blight?

Yes, both early and late blight can be prevented with use of Liquid Copper Fungicide.

DE Insect Dust

Will Diatomaceous Earth hurt earthworms?

No, not when used as directed.

Japanese Beetle Killer

Can Japanese Beetle Killer be used indoors? 

Yes, it can be used indoors.

How long before it rains must I apply Japanese Beetle Killer?

Apply at least 24 hours before rain is expected.

Is it ok if this Japanese Beetle Killer freezes?

No, store in a cool dry area above 32 degrees F.

Maize Weed Preventer

When should I apply Maize Weed Preventer?  

Apply Maize Weed Preventer in the early spring.

How often can I apply Maize?

Apply every 4 - 6 weeks for best results.

Will it hurt my current plants?

No, Maize stops seeds from germinating.  Wait until new plants are 2 -3 inches tall before applying.

Mole & Vole Repellent 

Are moles and voles active year-round? 

Our Granular repellent can be applied on top of snow or mulch for winter protection.


Does MoleMax Granules need to be watered in?  

Yes, after each application water for 10 -15 minutes. 

How often should MoleMax be applied?

Every 2 -3 months, or as needed.

How much MoleMax Granules should I use?

2 lbs. /1000 sq. ft.

Will MoleMax harm plants?

No, it will not harm plants if the product is use as directed. 

Can I use MoleMax in my vegetable garden?

MoleMax can be used around the perimeter of a vegetable garden, but not in the vegetable garden. 


When should I apply MossMax RTS?  

MossMax should be applied when moss is actively growing for best results.  Do not apply above 85 degrees F.  

Can I use MossMax RTS on trees?

Yes, on mature bark of trees. 

Can I use MossMax RTS on my lawn?

Yes, MossMax RTS can be used on lawns to kill moss, algae, lichen and liverworts.

Can I use MossMax Ready to Spray on my patio?

Yes, Moss Max Ready to Spray can be used on cement and other surfaces and won't stain. 

Mouse Magic

How long does Mouse Magic last?  

Up to 30 days

How far apart should Mouse Magic scent packs be placed?

Place one scent pack per average sized room. 


How often should Repels All be applied?  

For new growth once a week. As growth slows less often, can last up to 2 months.  Reapply after heavy rains.

Can I apply Repels All on vegetable plants?

No, but it can be applied as a barrier treatment around vegetables.

Are there temperature restrictions when applying Repels All?

Spray when temperature is between 35 and 85 degrees.

Will Repels All wash off with rain?

No, let it dry thoroughly before watering or rain - at least 6 hours. 

Revitalize Biofungicide

How do I use Revitalize Concentrate for diseases affecting the leaves? 

Spray enough to wet all leaves with minimal run off. 


How is Shake-Away affected by rain? 

Light or moderate rain will not affect the Shake-Away granules, but the product should be reapplied after heavy, washout rains. The Shake-Away 90-day packs are not affected by any weather conditions, including rain or snow, as they are completely weather-proof.

What are your terms and conditions?How lightly or heavily do I need to apply the Shake-Away granules?

You only need to apply Shake-Away lightly around the areas you want to protect. Heavier applications do not make the product work better; you need to be consistent with your applications. Twice a week for the first two to three weeks is recommended.

Should I apply the Shake-Away granules around the perimeter of my yard to keep all animals out?

You only apply Shake-Away around the specific area where the animals are doing damage. For example, if an animal is eating your flowers in one of your gardens, that is the area you want to focus on treating.

Will Shake-Away attract coyotes or foxes to my yard?

No. If you already have coyotes or foxes coming into your yard, they will smell the product out of curiosity, but it will not bring in animals that are not already in your area.

Will Shake-Away hurt my children, pets or plants?

No, Shake-Away is 100% natural and non-toxic.

How do you collect the coyote and fox urine?

The animals are never touched during the collection process. When the animals eliminate naturally the urine is collected on tapered floors into drains. All animals are treated very well by a trained staff.

Snake Stopper

Can I apply Snake Stopper on my vegetable plants?  

No, but the product can be applied around the garden as a barrier.

Do I water Snake Stopper in?

It is not necessary to water the product in.

How often do I apply Snake Stopper?

Every two weeks or after a heavy rain.

Stink Bug Trap

When is the best time to hang the Stink Bug Trap? 

The best time to hang the trap is when Stink bugs are active, and the temperature is consistently above 60 degrees. 

Can I use the Stink Bug trap indoors?

Yes, when the bugs are active.  Place the trap near a light source.

Why is there only one lure but 3 traps in each package of a Stink Bug Trap?

The traps can get filled up before the lure is finished. The lure can be removed from the filled trap and placed on a new one. 

Where should I hang the Stink Bug Trap outdoors?

Hang it 4 -5 feet off the ground and at least 10 feet away from the plants you are trying to protect.

Lawnweed Brew

Will Weed Beater FE stain?  

Yes, it can. Rinse off any non-grass area including patios, structures etc.

Is there a temperature restriction on Weed beater FE?

Yes, do not apply above 85 degrees Fahrenheit.